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Here are your Family Tankers


within the range of           miles


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3 miles

I am a farmer and I have a lot of space for your car. You can find place for more cars, vans, campers. 

My wife and me will welcome you from 8 am to 24 pm and you will find prices are very convenient.

3.5 miles

I am a housewife and I will welcome you with a slice of my best pie and tea or coffee from 7 am to 22 pm. I have room for two station wagons.


3.5 miles

I am a carpenter and you will find me 24 hours a day, even during the night. I have alarge garage that can serve 3 station wagons of vans.

4 miles

My family will welcome you all day long, even during night you will be welcome.

We have room for one car at a time. You will be surprised by our very low prices.

5 miles

I am a painter and during your stay you will be welcome to visit my studio and have a drink. My house is open form 8 pm to 20 pm. I have place for two station wagons.

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